End of Year Sale on selected Stock!

Offering the best prices of the year on what you may need for Cedar Siding and or Trims for home or construction projects. Prices at below wholesale on most items, so get that package for the remodel or new construction now and save big, you can buy now and store here till spring as well. I would like to take advantage myself for some mill direct materials offered now at very low pricing and can only take advantage of those deals, if there is money to buy the product. So I am very negotiable on everything in the yard at this time. I would like to move as much product before year end as well. So please give me a call, ask for Greg with what ever you need, small amounts are no problem, you can help me clean up the yard. Offering free local shipping. Clear Bevels, and

Smooth Face Clear Cedar Shiplap Siding very special at $1.75 LF

Clear Tongue and Groove siding, and a lot of clear trim stock, in stock, also clear finger Joint Cedar, all at below wholesale pricing. Spruce Trims primed and some with finish coat (no charge for paint on already painted items). Some fiber Cement Siding with prime and finish coat, all at I would like to get them out of here pricing.
Example a broken unit of 8 inch fiber cement at $200.00 for the whole unit! Perfect for a garage or shed, or contractor to add to stock for over 8 feet and a little under 4 feet.
Thank You, Greg

Please call for appointment to see stock, thanks.

Gregory G. Martz (Owner)
Martz Wholesale Cedar and Lumber Sales
425-353-3305 for calling
Cash or Check only, Sales tax will be charged without resellers permit on file here.

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143 thoughts on “End of Year Sale on selected Stock!”

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